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Welcome to the Realm of the Fae! To Journey through the Realm, select the banner or fae type you'd like to learn more about (unless you'd like to learn about the prolifigate earth fae, who had to be broken into two seperate sections which have their own links below). We hope you enjoy your journey and come back again.

Air Fae
Wood Faerie by Brian Froud To all fae bearing winged, air is the element of choice. Every storm and breath of wind is their work, from the tiniest puff to the most terrifying gale. They often take the shapes of birds, or incorporate aspects of their design into their human forms and are particularly fond of birds' wings. Many speak the language of birds and sometimes teaching human speech to the birds. Air is a creative force, resulting in their intellectual versitily of air faeries, who work to stimulate inspiration and creativity.

Fae who fly are the most evolved of the fae, having incorporating all aspects of the four elements. Wings are symbolic of air, legs of earth, their shimmering qualities of fire, and a shape shifting aspect represents water's fluidity. Added to these four, is the fifth magical element, moonlight.

In this section you will find: Slyphs, Trows, Phooka and Fachan.

Earth Fae
Goblin by Brian Froud

The element of famed faery circles; earth fae are the spiritual force of nature. Residing deep in the earth, they can be found in barrows, rocks, roots, caves, caves, quarries and mine shafts.

Earth fae work in and maintain the physical structure of the earth. Because of their close relationship to metals and woods, the craftsmanship of earth faeries usually far supercedes that of humans.

I have divided the earth fae into two groups. Forest Fae and Mountain Fae.

Among the Forest Fae you will find: Pixies, Leprechauns, Brownies, Gnomes, Will'o'wisps, the Green Man, Bally Bogs and Boggarts.

Within the Mountain Fae reside: Goblins, Spriggans, Dwarfs and Trolls.

The Earth Fae
The Forest Fae The Mountain Fae

Water Fae

Running water is a favorite haunt of faery kind. Indeed, crossing through or over running water is a method by which their realm may be reached. Be warned that the size of the body of water is of little concern to the fae. Oceans, lakes, rivers, springs and pools are as likely as teardrops and raindrops to harbor faeries.

Water faeries heal and purify the earth. Their presence is typically communicated to humans through dreams.

Those calling the element of Water home are: Undines, Mermaids, Selkies, the Fir Darrig, Beansidhe, Leanan Sidhe, and Kelpies.

Fire Fae
Salamander by Brian Froud

Instilled with magical properties by many societies, fire is a natural element to assign faery phenomena. Pagan Holy Days such as Midsummer's Eve and Samain were renowned for fairy attentions, as they gathered around ceremonial flames. Hearths, in particular, served as homes for numerous types of faeries. Bringing wealth and gifts to their masters, they are excellent workers in farmyards, workshops, kennels, or stables. Should you be so lucky as to have one residing in your home, take care to provide prompt and proper gratitude. Fire spirits reflect the volatile nature of their element and can become quite hostile when they feel slighted.

Harbored by the element of Fire: Salamanders and Drakes.

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