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The Realm of the Fae's Awards

These awards are given out by Aelora and are subject solely to her taste. Not every site which applies will recieve an award, as that sort of defeats the purpose. The design of some of the awards will change soon, as this a brand new addition to the site. If you are awarded one of these in the interim and wish to change to the newer award, you may do so.

Do NOT just copy these awards to you site without notification from me. Otherwise I will be forced to create a blacklist award and let everyone know of your heinous misdeed. Remember that there are bad faeries out there who are more than willing to plague those who take awards they have not earned.
Dreamy Site Award This award is for sites with a beautiful design motif. There should be no missing images, the length of the pages should be manageable and there should be a clear layout which makes it easy to find what a visitor may be looking for. In general, the site should look clean and not be overloaded with unnecessary graphics.
Enlightenment Award This award is for those sites which contain information about the Fae. The information should have a measure of uniqueness to it, and not be something you just copied word for word from another site.
Wings of Wonder The highest of the awards for which you can apply. This is for sites that have quality information and design.
Supreme Site Award You can not apply for this award. Reciept of it signifies that in my mostly humble opinion, you have one of the best fairy sites in existence. I will award it as I come across pages, either through my own surfing or when you apply for one of the other awards or sign my guestbook or email me.

To apply for one of these awards, simply send an email to Aelora. Remember to include the name of the award you are applying for, the url for your page and the email to which I should reply.

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