Salamander by Brian Froud Frost Fae by Brian Froud

The strongest and most powerful of the elementals, Salamanders are the spirit of fire. Without them, fire cannot exist. Their assistance is required for creating even the smallest bit of flame, even that on a match. Their help can be invited, but they can be mischevious. A slighted Salamander may cause fires to burn out of control, especially since they don't fully comprehend the results of their actions.

Typically they are represented as lizards, though they are sometimes pictured in a more typical fairy fashion or as small balls of light. Salamanders are reported to possess the ability to change their size at will, either extending or diminishing as they please.

Fire Drakes

Drakes are typically described as smallish cousins to dragons. Like some of the bigger animals, they breathe fire. This trait, in turn, results in their odiforous quality which has been described as a cross between a chicken coop and rotten eggs.

They are benevolent creatures, who, when residing in a human domicile, will keep the firewood dry and bless the hearth. Drakes expect their kindness to be returned and react negatively to human mistreatment. When not residing with a human, they are usually found in wood piles or deep in an ancient forest. Typically they are nocturnal, being most active from nightfall until shortly after dawn.

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