These pages are an attempt to deliver credit to those it is properly due. Unfortunately, for a number of these pictures I am unsure who to credit. If you know the artist responsible, please email Aelora and let and let me know!

The following picture, Fairy Counsel, is by J.C. Christensen: Fairy Counsel by J.C. Christensen

The following picture is by Palmer Cox: A Brownie by Palmer Cox

The following picture, Undine, is by De La Motte Fouque: Undine by De La Motte Fouque

The following picture, Will'o'Wisp, is by Tim Thompson: Will'o'Wisp by Tim Thompson

The following pictures are by Rien Poortvliet:
A female gnome by Rien Poortvliet A male gnome by Rien Poortvliet
A troll by Rien Poortvliet A troll by Rien Poortvliet

The following pictures are currently uncredited. Please help me find the corresponding artist!

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