The Three Billie Goats Gruff

In the country sides of Norway there was a troll that lived under a bridge that led to a prairie filled with grasses and flowers. This troll was a mean and nasty troll.

On the other side of the bridge there lived three billie goats. They were all brothers who always wanted the good, sweet grass that was on the other side of the bridge. When the grasses and weeds were all gone on the billy goats side of the bridge, the two older billie goats sent the youngest one to go and see if the grass was better on the other side.

So the youngest billie goat started toward the bridge. When he got on the bridge he heard a strange voice. It said "Who is that going over my bridge?" Just then the troll popped up and jumped on the bridge. The little billy goat was afraid because he was the youngest billie goat and he was not very strong.

The little one answered "It is me the youngest billie goat." The troll wanted to eat him but the little one convinced him that he was too small and weak to eat. He told the troll that his older brother was coming and that he was much bigger and better to eat.

A little while later the middle billie goat came over the and the troll jumped and said, "Who is that walking over my bridge?"

The middle billie goat answered "It is just me the middle billie goat. You would not want to eat me because I am not very big or fat. You should wait for my brother the big billie goat. He is much bigger than I."

So the troll let the billie goat go. He waited for the big billie goat to come and be his dinner.

A few minutes later the biggest of the billie goats walked over the bridge. The troll popped out and did not ask a question because he was expecting this billie goat. For awhile they just stared at each other and then the troll said, "I am going to gobble you up," and with that he ran towards the billie goat. The billie goat used his long horns to throw the troll into the river. Then the billie goat crossed the bridge to join his brothers.

After that the three billie goats had a wonderful time in the meadows. They enjoyed eating the sweet grasses. The three billie goats never went hungry again.

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